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Pecuniary Insurance

Bond Insurance

Various types of guarantees / bonds are being issued by the company; such as,

1 Bid Bond,

2 Performance / Maintenance / Supplies Bond,

3 Advance payments Bond,

4 Customs Bond.


Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
It covers loss sustained through any acts of fraud or dishonesty committed by an insured employee. Employers transfer the risk of loss of money /precious properly stolen by their dish honest employee (cashers, storekeepers, sales persons, etc).
money Insurance

It covers loss of money sustained as a result of fortuitous circumstances including through unlawful acts of other persons such as burglars or thieves. This loss or damage can be either:-

  1. to any safe or strong room belonging to the insured, or
     2. while in transit from the premises /bank to  .bank /premises

Head Office Address

Bole Bridge, In front of Brass Hospital
Tel:+251- 111-11 97 70/71
Office:+251 - 116- 50 66 32/37/38
Fax: +251-111-11 98 86
P.O.Box: 56144

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